Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friday Featured Seller, Twigandberries Love it:))

I am sew excited about my Featured Etsy Shop this week, Twigandberries............I love it sew much and I know you all will too............I admit that Susan has become a dear friend to me over the past months.......Her convos are truly the highlight of my days, she is fun, witty and just a great person!!

Now here's Twigandberries profile from Etsy:

Twig and Berries are two sisters, one on the left coast and one on the right coast. When we're fabulously old and grey, we plan to live together and never, ever wear purple or drink tea.Berries quilts the most awesome stuff. EVER.Twig collects and hoards huge amounts of vintage fabric. She doesn't quilt, but she knits like a madwoman at times.We love our families, dogs and gardening and travel as much as we can together. We've been tossed off a bus in Paris (no, we're not like THAT, it's complicated and hilarious)Ditched our aunt on a bus tour in London (mental health day for US) Stood in Picadilly Circus in our pink pjs at 3am when our hotel caught fire (ask us about the worst hotel to stay at in London).We bring a whole new level of fun to traveling. :)We hope you like our stuff as much as we do. We love sharing it with ya.

Susan(Twig) always has the most wonderful finds, visit their shop today and you will love it!! Oh and her pictures are always awesome!!!

Want to know even more about this fabulous Sister team, visit Susan's great blog Her gardens are gorgeous!!!

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  1. You are SO SWEET!! We are so thrilled and honored to be your featured seller.
    Thank you, my good friend!!