Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Graduation from 5th Grade Congratulations Bradley!

Wow, has the time flown by.......It just seemed like yesterday when he was all bundled in blue with that little hospital blue cap and pretty gown my Mom had given him........He was precious then and just when you blink, he's 11 and going to Middle School in the Fall.......I added some fun pictures from his special day..........We took an entire roll of fun pictures outside at the school sign. He got crazy and had so much fun!! There is one with his Teacher, Ms. Gamble whom he adored and will really miss.........Thank you for everything that you did for him, Ms. Gamble.........Next is best friend Robert! Just a bit of bragging, he won the Daughters of the American Revolution History award this year......Way to go son!! All A's all year too!!

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  1. Congratulations Bradley, woot!
    Sandee, your boys are so dang adorable. They grow up so fast, sigh. I miss my boys, the old men they are now ;)