Monday, June 30, 2008


We took the boys to see the new Pixar film, Walle, this afternoon......My oldest, 11, said he loved it and all the "action" but my youngest who is 7, said it was sad........I found it to be sad too for the most part but still it's a charming film.......You will adore Wall-e and even his pet cockroach!! Yuck.........can't believe I just typed that but you will, trust me.......The animation as usual is wonderful but the premise is very unsettling as basically earth has been completely trashed and everyone is living in what seems to be a cruise ship environment in space!! The technology is fun fun fun for sure.......It a great movie for adults but maybe not for super small children......

I had a neat pic of Wall-e but it won't display properly:((


  1. Thank you for the thoughtful review . . .

  2. Cockroach? EEKS!! I saw the promo for it and I want to see it, too! Lucky you!