Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friday's Featured Seller RicRacSally

Welcome to this Friday's Featured seller from! This week is my Friend Tiffani's and her sister, and her mom's shop, RicRacSally..........I love that name, don't you? I love RicRac trim and sew do these gals. You will find it in many of their lovely creations! This shop is full of Girl power and family creativity!
Here is RicRacSally's Etsy Profile:
We’re a triple threat: a mom and her two grown daughters, descendants of women who couldn’t help but make things with their hands. Judy loves to make little girls look like little girls and is inspired by vintage fabrics, vintage patterns, and the smell of original dotted Swiss. Dena uses her punk rock/rockabilly sensibility to update old classics. And Tiffani’s a magpie who can’t stay out of the rummage stores, always looking for that next project.At RicRacSally, you’ll find vintage-inspired children’s clothes, housewares with a cute twist, and art to make you reminisce on days gone by.

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