Thursday, August 14, 2008

Belmont Drive-in Movie What Fun!

Wow I have to admit I didn't even think Drive-In movies existed anymore, did you? Not in our area, anyway and not kid friendly, let's just say:)) Well this one is just a wonderful place for the entire family. It is located in Belmont, North Carolina just outside of Gastonia and is owned by Peggy Lawing. I first heard about this wonderful place on our local North Carolina Traveler program and thought wow that would be neat for the boys but it was the dead of winter and it didn't happen.......A month ago on a camping trip, another father told my Hubby about it again and it reminded me. We quickly did the research and found out exactly where it was and went the next week........What fun, as many folks as you can load into the car for $8.00 per car!! And they have a good old fashioned concession stand too............As you can see it's about letting kids run around and tailgating.........Before the movie starts, kids can run and around and play in the large grassy area in the last picture. Once the movie starts, you can tune your radio into the movie or listen to the fun old speakers for your car:) Some folks sit on their tailgates, while others park into comfy soccer chairs behind their cars...... I admit my youngest gets a little tired before they're done but since he's in the car, naps are no problem. If you live near Charlotte, please check it out!! You and your kids will love it!


  1. how fun!

    would love to have a drive in movie around here...