Friday, September 5, 2008

Calorie Counters Delights! 0 Calories But Fabulous!

I am on a diet and this is my second week.......Mostly walking and of course counting the dreaded calories........Wow why is it so easy to gain and so hard to lose, huh? Well I actually started my search a few nights ago looking for Chocolate on Etsy........I know strange when you're on a diet, huh? Why is it that the minute you go on a diet, you start craving chocolate covered cardboard, anything chocolate!! I just wanted to see all the yummy treats even if I can't enjoy them now......But in my search look at all the decadent goodies I found that have 0 calories........Seriously they are all adorable and would make wonderful gifts for someone on a diet...........Believe me:)) And remember all are completely guilt free, enjoy:))

Oh these earrings are completely yummy!! Don't you agree, from
Such a cute charm, oh it looks good enough to eat!! From
Such an Adorable Hair stick! From From, Isn't this an Adorable Notebook and no Calories!


    I too am on a diet(I am giving myself 1 year to take it all off)
    Etsy is NOT good for my diet, even if those yummy looking chocolate goodies are NOT edible!!
    delicious choices though

  2. Who doesn't love chocolate? I love your finds! As for the diet, good luck! I have changed the way I eat and look at food and I am down 23 lbs and two dress sized without exercise! My best advice is to read ALL food labels and if it contains the poison aka High Fructose Corn Syrup...don't eat it! I gave up sugar and processed foods (which includes anything made with white flour). I have never felt better.

  3. Delightful post, as I love chocolate!
    Good luck with the diet, I think exercise and calorie counting are the way to go, it's always worked for me. Also, better to reward yourself every now and then with a little good chocolate, then to totally deprive yourself. Dark Chocolate is packed with anti-oxidants, and I consider it a health food!

  4. ooo! i'm just seeing this now!

    thanks so much for putting me in your blog. yes I'm delayed, lol, but I still wanted to say thanks :)