Monday, September 1, 2008

Who are you? Who who!!

From my friend Susan's shop, sew Whotilicious!
These are sew adorable too from!! I love her shop name too!

From and I think this is completely adorable!! Her whole shop is adorable!

Happy Labor Day everyone!! Hope everyone has/is enjoying a fun holiday weekend. My boys are so happy not to be in school already.......Do you children like/love school? Wow neither one of mine do at all........Love Fridays, don't love Mondays now........

Well I am in such an owl mood for the last month........I adore those little creatures on everything sew I found some really cute ones to feature today! I hope you enjoy them too and will give their shop owners some clicking love:))


  1. very cute! I love the title of your blog, so appropriate.

  2. Oh, you're too damn sweet!!! Thank you and hugs. Let's catch up soon, ok? I think I'm over my crankiness, my feet are tired from stomping around. ;)

  3. Love all the owls. What a Hoot!