Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty It's Friday the 13th:) Well It's Halloween Anyway

Happy Saturday everyone! Gosh it's raining here and frankly that is beautiful to our drought stricken area so rain baby rain! I tried to post yesterday but Blogger is pulling in all of my photos now in GINORMOUS fashion.......they are huge no matter what setting so if anyone else has experience this please let me know. I'm off to search for help when I'm done as it is still doing it this morning as well for many of my photos........

I love Black Kitties and don't mind them crossing my path at all, do you? I just had one do so this week as my sons and I were on our way home from school. My oldest thought he saw an abandoned puppy at a dumpster so we stopped but no puppy but there was this pretty huge black kitty hanging around........and of course he scurried right across where we were driving......So far he has brought me nothing but luck so thank you Kitty! Enjoy these pretty Black kitties today and give these wonderful Etsy shops some shopping hugs:)

Enjoy all those fun Halloween Parties too!

From sweetheartsinner, what a pretty necklace!

From westcorinthstudio, this kitty is named Jack and too cute!
From baconsquarefarm, how adorable is this Halloween house?


  1. I love kittys...any color! I just sold one in my shop and will be packaging it up today!

  2. ah I love black cats and cats in general... the ones you featured are great especially the one with the candles in it... spooky!

    As for pictures I usually resize mine less then 1000 pixels most are around 600 pixels large... and there's always the click and shrink option for pics on blogger... once you uploaded them you can click and drag one corner to make it smaller.

    Hope this helps!

    Great bloggie!! =D