Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes Make Mine in Fur Dahling, Please:)

Happy Sunday has turned very chilly here in our South Carolina and folks we are wimps to cold, I gotta tell ya!! I am freeeeeeeeezin! Sew a perfect time to share my newest creations with you that I just added yesterday. These are all new FUN FAUX FUR Key Fob Wristlets just in time for chilly walks and shopping trips....I have leopard in 3 color combos and will be adding brown soon. Purple, Pink, and of course Black and White. I hope you love them all and will visit me today......SewMuchDetail


  1. Can't wait to see the brown leopard print. I will certainly pick up one of those. Yeah, the cold weather is not fun. I have no use for it and the first sign of ear infections to come. I dread it.

  2. Cozy and fun! Just the thing to cheer up a freezing cold day!