Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Pretty Fabric Find Feathered Friends

Happy Sunday everyone........gosh I hope you are enjoying your day and I'm so happy that you dropped by to see what was going on here:) This is a gorgeous fabric I found in my Hancocks of Paducah fabric catalog and if you don't have one, just click here to get yourself one.......They are just sew delightful to sit and enjoy all the pretty new fabrics as well as some timeless treasures.....This collection I have featured today is called Feathered Friends by Wendy Slotbloom........Oh my goodness, it is sew pretty to me......I am really into bird prints lately and the colors in this one are just sew commanding to me.......I especially adore the Red Green Feathered Print above.....This fabric is from In the Beginning Fabric company and is printed in Japan.....Simply stunning to me.....I hope you enjoy it too!

Feathered Friends can be found in the following Etsy Stores:



  1. This is sooo pretty. Thanks for sharing the link to the catalog request. I'm anxious to get one in the mail.

  2. I can't wait to get my catalog either!

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