Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fabric Find Moda Woodland Bloom

Happy Thursday everyone or as my boys and I call it, Friday Eve!! Yea!! I am totally addicted to fabric and have been for years........It's no secret, you can just look at my shop, I love the way it feels, the colors, the designs, the textures, everything!! I got my Hancock's of Paducah catalog this week, if you don't have one, please go to their website and order one. They are wonderful. Here is the link to order it! To order your catalog, just click here and fill out their simple form. It will take a few weeks to get but it's worth the wait, grab a cup of Tea or coffee, or wine and enjoy it! This is a wonderful new collection that I discovered in my new catalog and immediately fell in love with it......It's called Woodland Bloom by Lila Tueller for Moda fabrics. Here' s a little bio about her from Hancock's.

Lila Tueller, mother of seven, has a paint-your-own-pottery studio, designs vintage clothing patterns, and now designs fabrics. She explains on her blog, "the boring part of my life is that I still spend most of time doing dishes, laundry, driving my kids around, and all of that sort of 'mom' stuff."

She also has a gorgeous blog too She also has some pretty patterns. I love the Peasant blouse one sew much! I hope you enjoy this too, maybe she is new to you like me but let me know what you think.....Thanks for visiting!


  1. Beautiful fabric! Her life sounds like a dream (even having time to do laundry and dishes is a dream to me!)

    I love the bag. I wish I could sew!

    Renee :)

  2. SHHHHHHHHH... I'm a closet fabric hoarder.. HEY!!! that's HOARDER! LOL

  3. Thanks for the link - I ordered a catalog!

  4. Great fabrics. I love them all. I will have to remember that for the next time I am allowed to fabric shop!

  5. I love vintage inspired fabrics, even though I don't sew, I just love to think I might learn someday.

  6. I love the color and designs very much. Vibrant and colorful:)