Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Ahead Let him Tie One On

From toybreaker, just one of many gorgeous ties they feature in their Etsy shop!
Happy Monday everyone! I love Men's ties, I always have.......Like fabric, they feature sew many pretty designs, fun prints, gorgeous colors. And sometimes when men have to dress so conservatively, well it's the only way they can breakthrough and show some of their own personality....I searched on Etsy and as you will see below, I have found some stunning works of art that would be perfect for that special guy on your list for Christmas......Take a look and tell me what you think:)

These beauties are made entirely from scratch by jesswitaj, wow!

From morgansilk.......Beautiful handpainting

This gorgeous handpainted tie is from amysfunkyfibers!
Thanks for stopping by today, please give each of these shops some Clicketee love and shop till you drop:)


  1. Nice selections!

    I love it when my S.O. gets dressed up, but unfortunately he hates ties with a passion. He looks so good in them, though! Oh well...

  2. I love the autumn inspired ones.

  3. omg! I'm slightly obsessed with mens ties! They're amazing and if I was a dude, I'd have the coolest ones and wear them every day!

  4. they are all lovely and the ties are awesome!

  5. Wow! My google alerts work-- and that was fast!
    Thank you for the compliment on my SnowTie. I always ask my son and my husband if they would wear one of my ties, and they are too diplomatic to say "no", but usually say, "That would work for somebody". I hope they are right.
    If I see one more "holiday" necktie with Santas and snowmen complete with batteries, I think I would have to barf!
    Thank you for showing off ties-- men deserve a little beauty in their lives, too.