Monday, November 24, 2008

Pretty Thanksgiving Centerpieces

I always love creating pretty centerpieces for my table at the holidays......I love mixing old with new, fresh with maybe a little faux......who knows? anything goes:) I found all of these wonderful centerpieces courtesy Better Homes and Gardens website under Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces.....You may want to check it out as these are only a few of their ideas along with some much more elaborate ones as well.......Enjoy and thanks for stopping by my Blog:)

This is so simple but so striking to me. Pretty candle simply filled with yummy corn.....I love this!

I love this one too. A pretty basket is filled with lovely seasonable goodies you find in the produce section right now.......So charming!

I love this one, get a pretty basket and fill with seasonable goodies. My grocery stores has nice selections now of pretty pumpkins. Then tie a bow around the basket......very pretty!

This is very pretty and extremely easy. Lots of fall goodies are spray painted gold......Crystal really showcases them well.
I think this is such a classic look. The author recommends a dozen roses, snipped and decorated in your hands, then plopped into a pretty vase......Great way to use an interesting, vintage vase too!

Enjoy and let me know which is your favorite!


  1. I love the corn candle. It wouldn't seem like it would be so pretty, but it is super cute! :D

  2. The corn candle is very unique and fun.I love it:0)

  3. What cute centerpieces!

    Check out my newest post. I gave an award b/c you're so fabulous.

  4. Love the corn!!!!! SO simple and easy to do!

  5. i love the corn candle, very cute!!

  6. Pretty centerpieces. We're away for Thanksgiving, so I won't get to do one, but come Christmas I will!