Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You're a Turkey, No you are! No you are!!

Yep, that's pretty much a typical conversation between my boys at any given time! Brothers, huh? Well here are some Turkeys to Clicketee Click and enjoy. I love all of them sew much. Any would make adorable hostess gifts or just treat yourself to a Turkey treat:) Have a happy and blessed Tuesday everyone and thanks for dropping by!
From Simplysentimental, I love this card sew much. Sydnei is sew creative, isn't she?
From Sunburstoutdoordecor, look at this pretty sign!

What a terrific little hostess gift from jeanniesjewelrybox!

From windflower, I love this pretty suncatcher!


  1. These are great, love that suncatcher!!

  2. What a neat selection and well presented.I made a little Turkey necklace for my friend whose family are coming and called it "The Turkeys Are Coming"..I thought I was so clever but she was offended..So it goes..Maybe all her family is nice?

  3. Great Thanksgiving items! I love the card by SimplySentimental. She does great work.

  4. I'm honored to see my Tom the Turkey...Thanks Sandee for showcasing it....

  5. Great picks, I like the earrings!