Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bubbly on a Beer Budget? I think so:)

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! So happy that you stopped by and this I hope will be a fun post for you to enjoy......I admit it, I love a little Champagne and not just on New Year's Eve and who isn't on a budget these days, right? So my quest for today's bloggedity blog blog was to answer the question, "Are there any decent Champagnes under $20!!!". GASP........:) Well I found this article on that featured several Champagnes in this price range that have been tasted and highly recommended!! if you haven't shopped yet, or maybe for that next special occasion, like Wow it's a New Episode of The Office Honey, print this post and take it shopping and have some fun......

All of this information was found on! The author is Jay Franz, all remarks about the bubblies are his......I haven't tried any of them yet but plan to:)

From our wonderful French Bubbly makers

Lucien Albrecht, Crémant D'Alsace.
"Brut, NV. Lucien Albrecht is located in Alsace near Colmar. This Crémant is made 100 percent from Pinot Blanc is rich with floral aromas, fruit, and tickling bubbles. Elegant. Price: $20."

Saint-Hilare, Blanquette de Limoux
"Blanc de Blancs, NV. This one will surprise you. The sparkling wine has been made for centuries in a Benedictine Abbey (Saint-Hilare) in the hills of Limoux, a small and interesting appellation south of Carcassonne close to the border with Spain. The Blanc de Blancs is primarily made of Mauzac with Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. Apple crisp with a gentle, floral, creamy, and fizzy body. $10. "

Now from the USA

Domaine Ste.-Michelle, Columbia Valley, Washington.
"Brut Classic Cuvèe NV, Blanc de Noir NV, Blanc de Blancs NV. The best thing about Domaine Ste.-Michelle is the sparkling wine mileage one gets from $10-$12. Produced in the Mèthode Champenoise way, Domaine Ste. Michelle's sparklers are consistent, pleasing, and very affordable. Price: $10-$12. "

Gloria Ferrer, Carneros, California.
"Sonoma Brut NV, Blanc de Noirs NV. Gloria Ferrer is part of Catalan's expansive
Freixenet Group. It's got the worldwide clout of the Freixenet family to give
them financial, technological, and distribution advantages. Gloria Ferrer is
located in the Carneros region wedged at the entrance of Napa and Sonoma
valleys. The Sonoma Brut is made from Pinot Noir, 87 percent and Chardonnay, 13
percent. It's a lively treat with pear-apple-citrus brightness, almonds, creamy
toast, and effervescent. The Blanc de Noirs is also a winner, with a touch more
of Pinot Noir than the Brut. The result is a more delicate balance of
strawberries and black cherries with citrus and bouncy bubbles in the creamy
finish. Has a lovely and feminine copper color for a tad of elegance. Price: $20. "

As I mentioned all of these comments were provided by Jay Franz and are his recommendations.......Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you thought!! Have a fun and safe evening:)


  1. Oh yummy bubbly....I make a non alcoholic version with pinapple and ginergale... it's pretty close.