Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot New Colors for Your Home

Well I admit, I have been looking at my Great room lately considering some new pillow choices.....My boys are getting a little older so dare I try some new fabrics and freshen it up a bit....before my pillows just took a terrible beating but now well maybe some new stuff.......So I got curious at what are the newest trends in color for 2009 in our homes.......I thought you might enjoy this too especially if you are thinking of purchasing a new home or just like me want to freshen up a bit......

My source for this information was and here are the takeaways:

  • Grey is going to be extremely popular this year in home decor. The article says though mostly the grey will be more of a Dove grey rather than a harder color grey......
  • Orange is such a happy color I think and was very popular last year. According to this author, it will continue to be popular for 2009........I love orange, not really in my house but wearing it!
  • Metallic colors will also be popular but going more towards copper and bronze, not gold and silver.

  • O.k. now here is my favorite news, Blue, every shade imaginable is very popular. Good thing, because almost my entire house is blue!! I love it......According to this designer, all shades of blue and especially if paired with another great color like Orange will be stunning especially in a child's room. Also blues with the popular metals will be another great choice.
Final takeaway:
EVERY COLOR IS HOT RIGHT NOW! That's right, designers say that you should just work with colors that you love no matter what they are..........YEA, you gotta love that advise, right?
Have a great weekend everyone! Oh and what is your favorite home interior color?

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  1. ooh, this reminds me I want to paint my bedroom. Problem is the BF leans towards darker colors and I'm eyeballing some lovely yellows and orange creams....