Monday, February 23, 2009

Lavender Room it!

From whitemagic
Good morning everyone. Monday morning is back so soon, huh? Back to school, to work, to the university......back to rountine......speaking of routine, I have one now that I wanted to share and show you some Etsy finds too. Everyone morning now when I make my beds, I have been using a wonderful little linen spray on my pillows........It's just such a nice little comfort when you go to bed that night.....I'm addicted to it now.......Now my favorite fagrance is lavender which I have mentioned before in my blog.......I'm almost out so of course this time I'm searching on Etsy to replenish my stash....So thought I would share some of my discoveries with you......Enjoy:-)

From naiad

From RiverCitySoaps

From ShopRedLeaf
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  1. a perfect way to end a day! nice blog post!!!

  2. I love the smell of lavender! I bought some peppermint lavender room spray from stephaniek on Etsy and get compliments on the smell all the time. Highly recommended. :)