Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Finally Got Some Snow!

This was taken Monday morning and I thought the sky looked totally awesome! Clouds with that pretty Carolina sun trying to peek through......Later it was all Carolina Blue skies again! If you live in Carolina, you know those skies:-)
My youngest was just so excited......this is the first real snow he has experienced and remembers......He loved making snowballs and we have one in the freezer right now!

We got a such nice surprise Monday morning.....When we got up, well actually when we went to bed on Sunday night, we got such a gorgeous white blanket laid on us! So pretty and we totally enjoyed playing in the snow for hours.....Dad went to work but the boys and I had so much was great snow for sledding.........really fast sledding! So here's a few pics from our adventures!

Not sure which is better for him being out of school or the sledding! Middle school has so much work! The unexpected break was great for him and Mom:-)

Get ready, get set! YEA finally we can use these!

Going down the hill! So much fun.......I went down about 10 feet away and oh my gosh ended up getting soaked into a little creek that we didn't see from our perch! Still a blast......

Thanks for stopping by and Have an Awesome Wednesday!


  1. looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!!

  2. That's a neat looking sled! I always had to use a cardboard box when I was a kid!!

  3. I am from Minnesota and happened to be in Anderson SC during the snowstorm. Only on my vacation does that happen. Love your state.